Support Coordination

Tips on requesting NDIS support coordination in your plan

The NDIS funds supports and services that should enable you to have the same things in life as other people who are not living with Parkinson’s – like somewhere safe and accessible to live, a job, hobbies, access to health and wellbeing support, and the company of family and friends.

You can ask for Support Coordination to be included in your first NDIS Plan. Support Coordination involves coordinating the provision of the services and supports that are part of your plan.

Parkinson’s NSW can connect you with services to support your health and wellbeing, and enable and maintain your independence and participation in the community.

Our Support Coordination service is agnostic. We will connect you with the services approved in your plan and involve you in all decision-making. You can choose services provided by Parkinson’s NSW or we can connect you with another suitable vendor or service provider of your choice.

If you think you would benefit from Support Coordination, you will need to make this known and discuss what level of Support Coordination you need at your first planning meeting with your NDIS Local Area Coordinator (LAC).

Your best chance of having support coordination included in your NDIS plan is to highlight the reasons why you want and need it. Following are some examples of the reasons you may provide to your NDIS Planner.

Your personal situation

You may be:

  • New to the NDIS and its processes – and so need guidance and support
  • Encountering cultural and language barriers
  • A younger person living in an aged care facility
  • You need support to maximise your choice and control

You may require assistance with making informed choices and controlling how your NDIS plan is implemented. This may include knowing how to:

  • Select service providers
  • Provide feedback to your providers
  • Participate as an active partner in your therapy
  • Provide compliments, complaints and feedback to your providers
  • Understand and make the most of your NDIS funding package

Your state of health

You may be living with:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Changing or high health needs
  • Complex support needs
  • Multiple disabilities

Your social situation or support network

Your situation may include:

  • Other family members with chronic illness or a disability
  • A complex family dynamic
  • Few or no support networks
  • Issues with your current living arrangements

Parkinson's NSW has 40 years of experience in supporting people living with Parkinson's.

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Parkinson's NSW has well established

Relationships with Primary and Allied Health providers

Community networks across NSW

Networks of independent service providers we have vetted and confirmed as suitable for people living with Parkinson’s.