NDIS Frequently Asked Questions

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is the new way of providing individualised support for eligible people with permanent and significant disability, their families and carers.

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is an independent statutory agency responsible for implementing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It maintains the NDIS web site and provides information, makes referrals, links people with services and undertakes community engagement to help people understand the NDIS and NDIA.

You can confirm whether you are eligible by using the checklist on the NDIS web site.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, call the Parkinson’s NSW NDIS Nurse Advocate. She will guide you through the complexities of the NDIS application process and provide easy-to-use tools that will make the journey easier.

There is also useful information on the application process on the NDIS web site.

Regardless of how you initiate your request, during the application process you will be required to fill out an Access Request Form. That process is also explained on the NDIS web site.

If you are found eligible for the NDIS you will need to meet with a Support Planner. The planner will work with you and discuss your goals and aspirations and the supports required to achieve them.

An NDIS Plan is a document that outlines your needs, goals, aspirations and disability supports required – including the funding to help you achieve those goals and live an ordinary life.

Your first Plan is the start of a lifelong relationship with the NDIS; as your life changes so will your Plan. Everyone in the NDIS has their own unique Plan. Over time, you will move from one Plan to another – your Plans will change as your needs change.

Your first Plan is the key to gaining entrance to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is designed to ensure you, as a NDIS participant, remain at the centre of the planning process.

Your first NDIS Plan will provide the supports and assistance you need now, including any additional supports for your unmet needs and your goals.

When preparing for your first Plan, you should think about:

  • What support you have and what activities you do now
  • Whether these are meeting your needs and support the things you want to achieve in future
  • What is important to you
  • How all these things will be reflected in your Plan

Parkinson’s NSW can provide you with support through the planning process, and then connect you with the services you require.

Make a free call to the Parkinson’s NSW InfoLine and ask for the Support Coordinator: 1800 644 189

An NDIS package is the actual funding you receive under the Scheme. It is important to note that under the NDIS, the dollars are not the starting point – your individual needs and goals are.

It is beneficial to request Support Coordination as part of your first Plan so you can use the Plan to its full capacity and learn the ins and outs of the NDIS process.

A Support Coordinator will help you use your Plan to achieve your goals, live more independently, increase your skills and be included in your community and in employment. Coordination of Supports is funded by the NDIS.

For assistance with planning and connecting to the services you require. Make a free call to the Parkinson’s NSW InfoLine and ask for the Support Coordinator: 1800 644 189

The NDIS funds supports and services that should enable you to have the same things in life as other people who are not living with Parkinson’s – like somewhere safe and accessible to live, a job, hobbies, access to health and wellbeing support, and the company of family and friends.

Under the NDIS supports fall into three categories:

Core: A support that enables a participant to complete activities of daily living.

Capital: A support that enables an investment – such as assistive technologies, equipment, and home or vehicle modifications.

Capacity-building: A support that enables a participant to build their independence and skills.

As an example of how these categories work and interact, if someone needs help showering:

Core– Could provide a Support Worker to assist with showering

Capital – Could provide modifications (like a handrail) to the shower to make it more accessible

Capacity Building – A support worker or program could teach the person skills and techniques to improve their showering or hygiene.

Parkinson’s NSW can connect you with services in the capacity-building category to support your health and wellbeing, and enable and maintain your independence and participation in the community.

Our Support Coordination service is agnostic. We will connect you with the services approved in your Plan and involve you in all decision-making. You can choose services provided by Parkinson’s NSW or we can connect you with another suitable vendor or service provider of your choice.

No. If you received an NDIS package prior to turning 65 you will not lose it. You can choose to continue to receive supports from the NDIS.

We will help you understand what options are available now and in future, support your preparations for entry into the NDIS, then link you with the services you require.

Parkinson's NSW has 40 years of experience in supporting people living with Parkinson's.

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Parkinson's NSW has well established

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