National Disability Insurance Scheme

National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is bringing major changes to how people living with Parkinson’s under the age of 65 can access services and support.

As the Peak Body for the NSW Parkinson’s community, we want to help you navigate the system so you can obtain funding to live your best life with the support you need.

Parkinson’s NSW is now an NDIS Registered Service Provider. This certification enhances our existing services for eligible people living with Parkinson’s.

What is PNSW Connect?

PNSW Connect is a single point of contact for your NDIS questions and requirements.

We will help you understand what options are available now and in future, support your preparations for entry into the NDIS, then link you with the services you require.

Parkinson's NSW has 40 years of experience in supporting people living with Parkinson's.

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Parkinson's NSW has well established

Relationships with Primary and Allied Health providers

Community networks across NSW

Networks of independent service providers we have vetted and confirmed as suitable for people living with Parkinson’s.