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Partnering through Parkinson’s

Partnering through Parkinson's This is Tony & Maree Bush's story: Tony Bush was at work as a builder in Coffs Harbour when he fell from a […]

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John @ PH

My Parkinson’s journey

The crappiest lucky dip: my Parkinson’s journey, by a former deputy premier More than 70,000 people in NSW live with Parkinson’s disease, yet it is not […]

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Difficulty standing or walking?

What exercise can I do if I have difficulty standing or walking? You can still reap the benefit of exercise, even with advanced Parkinson’s.  If walking […]

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The new Parkinson’s Passport

Introducing the new Parkinson’s Passport One of the biggest contributing factors for people not having their medications on time in Emergency or upon admission to hospital […]

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Have you done your Annual Plan?

Developing and submitting an Annual Support Group Plan is a requirement for all Parkinson’s NSW Support Groups. Plans are not just ‘red tape’; they are a […]

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Grow your Support Group

Tips on growing your Support Group The following tips have been submitted by Lesley Errington of Kiama Support Group. This is the first of a series […]

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Registrations are open

We recently launched our new fundraising campaign Step Up for Parkinson’s. Step Up will allow you to fundraise and show your support for Parkinson’s NSW. The concept […]

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Support Group Changes

Many Support Groups have recently had changes to their Leadership Teams. It is important to keep us updated on who is in your Leadership Team and […]

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Exercise in the park

Travel away from home can be a good excuse to abandon your daily exercise routine. However, holidays can be a great chance to exercise in a […]

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Automated system to diagnose

In an international study, researchers from the US, Germany and Austria have used a non-invasive MRI method to develop an automated system that can diagnose Parkinson’s. […]

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Improving medication safety

Michael Ortiz has Parkinson’s. Like many with this disease, he’s been hospitalised on many occasions for conditions other than Parkinson’s. On too many of those occasions, […]

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Manning up to male Parkinson’s

Men often don’t like discussing anything health related.  Subsequently, serious health concerns and potential resources and places to go for assistance are not easily shared among […]

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