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What to expect from your first neurologist visit

Diagnosis: What to expect from your first neurologist visit Diagnosing Parkinson’s may be challenging at first as the symptoms are initially mild. There is no specific test that diagnoses the […]

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WPC 2023 Research Poster

Examining leadership of Parkinson's disease support groups in rural and regional New South Wales A qualitative descriptive case study Author: Vincent Carroll Co-authors: Rachel Rossier and Marguerite Bramble Why this […]

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International Nurses Day

Celebrating our Parkinson's Specialist Nurses Cathy Melton Parkinson's Specialist Nurse - HealthLine What is your greatest challenge? “The most challenging thing about being a Parkinson’s Nurse is the general lack […]

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Partnering through Parkinson’s – Carol and Alan

The story of Carol and Alan Rose For 43 years of marriage, Carol and Alan Rose have been partners – not just in life, but for many years in work […]

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Dean and his team

"It hit me like a lead balloon," remembers Dean. Dean was out for a run on New Years’ Day 2013 when he noticed his right hand was trembling. He hoped […]

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Mark takes a 1,200 km walk Parkinsons

Pitch in for Parkinson‘s asks people to commit to a physical challenge to fundraise for Parkinson’s NSW. Most people do things like upping their daily steps, running each day or […]

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John @ PH

Parkinson’s most unexpected positives

This disease has taken so much from me, but I’m grateful for the unexpected positives by a former deputy premier It is almost 15 years since I was diagnosed with […]

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Cough medicine could be used to treat Parkinson’s

Ambroxol is a drug which is currently used to treat respiratory conditions. It promotes the clearance of mucus, eases coughing and has anti-inflammatory properties. Pre-clinical studies, led By Professor Anthony […]

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Exercise and mental health

We know that regular exercise has measurable benefits for our body’s health, but an often-overlooked benefit is the impact exercise has on our mental health. Recently the prevalence of anxiety, […]

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Are older women overlooked

UK resident Pam Archer was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the age of 74. As a former nurse whose sister lives with the condition, she said she already had some understanding […]

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Hallucinations in Parkinson’s

How hallucinations affect people living with Parkinson’s Around 50% of people with Parkinson’s disease will experience hallucinations. But what are they and what causes them? Professor Per Odin – a […]

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Postural instability in Parkinson’s

Parkinson's is a complex neurological condition that affects more than 220,000 people in Australia. One of the most common symptoms of Parkinson's is postural instability, which can cause balance problems […]

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