Exercise on the go

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28th January 2022
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Exercise on the go

Exercise on the go

When travelling, it is possible to exercise wherever you happen to be staying. There are solutions for wherever you go.

Following is a sample workout with simple exercises that can be done in the comfort of a guest room. This can be done as a circuit. Perform each exercise one right after the other, with minimal breaks. Or you may prefer to do three sets, repeating the same exercise. Do two to four circuits or two to four sets in total with a 30-second rest between exercises.

Bodyweight Chair Squat

Reps: 10-15 with 20-30 second break

Stand with feet shoulder width apart and toes turned out slightly. Sit back with your hips and lower your body as far as you can without rounding your lower back.

Push your knees out as you descend and keep your chest up. Tap the chair with your butt and return to standing. Repeat.


Push up – Wall, Bench or Table

Reps: 10-20; with 20-30 second break

Get into push up position: Hands at shoulder-width apart, elbows tucked to your sides, and core engaged. Lower yourself until your chest is a few centimetres above the wall or bench.

Push back to the starting position. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat.


Towel Pull-apart

Reps: 15-20 with 20-30 second break

Hold a small towel at each end with arms extended in front of you. Tighten your back and shoulder muscles and apply slight tension to the towel, as if you were trying to pull it apart.

Bring the towel closer to you, making sure to maintain tension in the towel. Extend the towel back in front of you. That’s one rep.


Bird Dog

Reps: 20 (10 each side) with 20-30 second break

Get on all fours, hands under shoulders, knees under hips. Extend opposite hand and foot (left arm and right foot) straight out from your body, keeping shoulders and hips square to the floor (no twisting).

Reach fingertips forward and foot back (toes flexed). Hold and squeeze the core, back, and glute muscles.

Hold for a second then bring limbs back to the starting position. That’s one rep. Switch sides for each rep; extend your right arm and left foot next.


Static Lunge

Reps: 5-15

From a standing position, step one foot forward into a lunge position. Lower your body by bending both knees, tighten your lower body muscles to help you balance.

Keep your body upright. Slowly raise your body by straightening your legs and repeat, 5-15 repetitions. Then bring your foot back to the starting position. Repeat using the other leg.


Hollow Hold

Reps: Hold for 10-30 seconds

Lie on your back. Press your lower back into the ground, tighten your stomach muscles, and lift your arms and legs up off the floor.

Don’t tense your neck muscles or tuck your chin too far into your chest. Hold this position for 10-30 seconds.

Work out as often as you can and when you can – regardless of where you are. Anything is better than nothing. Anything on a regular schedule is even better, and structured progression on a regular schedule is the best of all.