A beacon of hope

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14th December 2023
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19th December 2023

A beacon of hope

A beacon of hope

Stephen’s symptoms had been happening for a while, with no obvious cause. A frozen shoulder. Aches and pains. A sudden loss of his sense of smell. Urinary problems. A ringing in the ears. Occasional difficulty remembering words.

But until then, the 65-year-old chef and teacher had considered his ailments completely unrelated. It was the first time anyone had put them together.

“How long have you had the tremor in your hand?” asked Stephen’s doctor.

That day, Stephen left his doctor with a referral to see a neurologist and when he looked at the letter, he was shocked to read the words, “possible Parkinson’s.”

But getting in touch with Parkinson’s NSW was “a turning point for us.” said Laurine.

The couple attended a newly diagnosed seminar and discovered a world of support and information they never knew existed.

It was a big relief. They knew they weren’t alone.

Stephen and Laurine are among thousands of Australian’s who rely on the services of Parkinson’s NSW.