Support at Christmas

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19th December 2023
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29th January 2024

Support at Christmas

Support at Christmas

Last year, my husband Stephen was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

It was a terrible shock. It’s taken time for us both to come to terms with his condition, understanding the changes that are happening and researching therapies and therapists who can help and support.

Every step of the way, Parkinson’s NSW has been there for us.

Every time we have called on them for help, we’ve been treated with empathy and respect. We’ve been listened to and we’ve been given practical help. It’s hard to overstate just how essential this has been for us.

Since Stephen’s diagnosis, we have learned a lot about Parkinson’s – most of all, we’ve learned what a misunderstood condition it is. We’ve also discovered how important it is for the community to get behind a service like Parkinson’s NSW, which is largely funded by people like you and me.

Recently we joined the Step Up for Parkinson’s fundraiser, which was the first time Stephen disclosed his condition to our wider group of friends.

The positive response to his diagnosis and participation in the challenge was warm and strong. He set goals each day, interacted with people on the Facebook group, took up bike riding again and enjoyed the camaraderie of other people in similar situations. It also gave us the pleasure of being able to give back, to a cause that has already done so much for us.

I know we’ll continue to rely on Parkinson’s NSW as Stephen’s disease progresses and I can’t tell you what a comfort it is to know a service like this exists.

Please, if you can give a gift to support them this Christmas, I hope you will.

Thank you so much,