A personal trainer for Parkinson’s exercise

Parkinson’s NSW research presented at World Parkinson Congress
26th May 2020
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26th May 2020

A personal trainer for Parkinson’s exercise

A personal trainer for Parkinson’s exercise

The benefits of exercise for the general population are well recognised. They include preventing heart disease, reducing the risk of chronic illness, decreasing stress and
generally boosting wellbeing.

However, people living with Parkinson’s benefit far more from exercise than the average person in the street.
Specific benefits for the Parkinson’s community include:
• Improved overall quality of life
• Reduced speed of disease progression
• Improved muscle control (dyskinesia and freezing)
making you stronger and reducing cramping and
• Reduced social isolation
• Improved management of constipation and bladder
• Improved bradykinesia (slow movement)
• Reduced tremor
• Improved mobility and flexibility of rigid muscles
• Improve posture (the Parkinson’s stoop)
• Improved physical stability and balance
• Reduce automatic movements
• Improved speech and throat muscles – which
in turn improves eating, swallowing and spoken
• Slows handwriting changes
• Enhanced efficacy of Levodopa therapy
• Reduced fatigue
• Improved management of gait disturbances
• Improved cognitive function
• Reduced depression, anxiety, apathy, and
emotional changes

All exercise is good, but working with a Parkinson’s experienced Personal Trainer will tailor and maximise its benefits

An educated and experienced trainer will help to motivate you, maximise the effectiveness of each exercise and reduce risk of injury. They will work with you to develop a personalised exercise plan to meet your personal goals, and then ensure your exercise is fun, varied, engaging and challenging.

Going after achievable, small goals and then working up to larger goals will give you a sense of pride and progress in what you are doing. A trainer can also help you manage your time better – enabling more exercises in a shorter period of time to fit in with your busy life.
Most convincing of all: Research evidence has shown that people living with Parkinson’s who exercise with a trainer derive more benefits than those who don’t..

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