World Parkinson’s Congress, Barcelona 2023

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28th June 2022
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5th July 2022

World Parkinson’s Congress, Barcelona 2023

World Parkinson’s Congress, Barcelona 2023

The World Parkinson Congresses are held every three years in a different country provide an international forum for scientists, clinical researchers, health care professionals, people living with Parkinson’s and others to come together under one roof to discuss, learn, and engage in debate around the latest scientific discoveries, medical and comprehensive care practices related to Parkinson’s disease.

Unlike other scientific congresses, the World Parkinson Congress (WPC)  brings together all members of the Parkinson’s community.

As an inclusive event, the WPC was founded on the belief that getting world leaders out of their professional silos and forcing a cross pollination of the scientific, clinical, rehabilitation, and advocacy communities would expedite the discovery of a cure and cultivate best treatment practices for this devastating disease.

Whether this cross pollination takes place in the audience at a scientific lecture, from the stage between the presenters, during poster talks, or at a small round table discussion, the take away is often the same: we need to evolve how we think when it comes to treatment for Parkinson’s and how to move forward together as a community to expedite research and get us closer to new treatments and ultimately a cure.

Read about the impact of this cross pollination format in these impactful stories on the Working Parkinson Connections blog page, written by UK-based neuroscientist Dr. Jon Stamford who is also living with Parkinson’s.

The 6th World Parkinson Congress (WPC 2023) will be held in Barcelona, Spain from July 4 – 7, 2023. Everyone in the Parkinson’s community is welcome to attend.

Australians at WPC 2023

Parkinson’s NSW along with Fight Parkinson’s and Shake it Up Australia invite fellow Australians at WPC 2023 to a social catch-up

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