Try free daily Laughter Yoga via Zoom

Try free daily Laughter Yoga via Zoom

Daily Laughter Yoga sessions are now available FREE via Zoom videoconferencing.

This is an initiative of Laughter Yoga Teachers Australia wide, coordinated by Laughter Yoga Australia.

One session per day is scheduled over each week at different times of the day in order to work around people’s differing schedules.

Session schedules and contacts for Zoom links are:

Laughter Yoga is an exercise program that utilises 300 muscles, increases the heart rate, alters blood pressure, improves oxygen intake, and uses the abdomen differently from a normal chuckle.

Please check with your GP prior to registering if you have any of the following:
Uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart disease, any kind of hernia, uncontrolled glaucoma, undergone surgery in the last three months, severe back pain, epilepsy, advanced piles (bleeding), incontinence of urine, major psychiatric disorders, or persistent cough.