Exercise needs to be fun

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18th June 2024
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18th June 2024

Exercise needs to be fun

Exercise needs to be fun

The process of getting fit doesn’t have to be feared; it only requires you to be consistent.

It also doesn’t need to be vigorous or done for long periods to improve your quality of life and health. So let’s get moving!

Start with small, achievable goals. Setting lofty goals will become overwhelming very quickly and have you thinking it’s all too hard.

A small goal could be: “I’m going to go for a walk once a week”.  However, if you say: “I’m going to walk every single day of 2020” the chances of failure are high.

Start by spending some time thinking about what exercise or activity makes you happy?  Something you find fun or social.

If you can’t stand the gym and love being outdoors, start by looking into some short bush walks in your area. Is dancing your thing?  Commit to a weekly class and increase from there.

Do you like to chat whilst you are exercising?  Ask a friend to go for a walk or come to a class with you. You’ll be doing them a favour as well as yourself. Or join an exercise group if your friends aren’t available.

If you enjoy peace and quiet and some alone time, then swimming may well be your thing. Tailoring what exercise you do, to what you enjoy is vital.

When you have decided what activities you enjoy, the secret is to physically schedule it into your diary, like you would a doctor’s appointment.  Setting aside time in your diary and planning days and time when you will exercise is a much more effective than “…I’ll start my exercise sometime tomorrow or Monday”.

We all have busy lives and there is always something else that needs to be done, but this is your health, wellbeing, and quality of life we are talking about.

What is really more important than that?

Schedule your exercise like it’s an important meeting and you’ll be more likely to stick to it.