New years exercise resolutions

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3rd April 2021
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3rd April 2021

New years exercise resolutions

New years exercise resolutions

It’s that time of year to focus on your New Year’s resolution.  Hopefully, increasing your exercise is one of them.   Many people start an exercise routine but before Easter the enthusiasm has fizzled out. However, you can improve your chances for long-term success by following these simple tips to reach your exercise goals.

  1. Determine your readiness.
  2. Make sure you’re physically ready to start an exercise program by speaking with your doctor about your health and starting a fitness plan.
  3. Then, think about how mentally ready you are.
  4. Be determined, so you will stick with it. While there are many factors, these are more significant to help you stick with your resolution:

Have confidence in your exercise ability

No matter what issues you face in your confidence to exercise.  There are ways and means around nearly everything.  Starting with simple easy to do activities will give you the confidence to continue. Call the Parkinson’s NSW InfoLine or our Personal Trainer for guidance.

Receive encouragement and support from those closest to you

You can benefit from having your family and friends around to help you continue your new exercise resolution. Starting a new routine with someone else can be helpful as you can encourage each other. They can also potentially work out any problems or issues that may prevent you from exercising and can encourage you to keep your new routine going when you don’t feel like it.

Participate in an enjoyable form of exercise

Choose a form of exercise that is both safe and enjoyable.  If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t continue.  Enjoyment may come from the people you do the activity with, not necessarily just the activity itself.

Call Parkinson’s NSW Infoline on 1800 644 189 for more information or encouragement with your New Year’s Exercise Resolution.

You can also take part in the New South Wales Government’s Healthy and Active for Life program by joining the 10-week online program. Registrations for the next program will open on Monday 8 February. Click here for details