Why should we fundraise?

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3rd April 2021
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3rd April 2021

Why should we fundraise?

Why should we fundraise?

It is not a requirement for Support Groups to fundraise for Parkinson’s NSW – however it is greatly appreciated if you choose to do so.

More than 90 percent of the funding for development and delivery of essential services by Parkinson’s NSW comes from donations and bequests, large and small.

We receive less than 10 percent of our revenue from Government grants.

Your Support Group is not independent. It is a part of Parkinson’s NSW.

Therefore, any fundraising you choose to do on our behalf is directly supporting the Parkinson’s NSW Mission and Purpose – for your Group and the broader NSW Parkinson’s community.

Mission – Our shared focus

To enhance the quality of life of people living with Parkinson’s.

Purpose – What we do together

To connect people living with Parkinson’s with life-enhancing support and services.

When you fundraise in the name of Parkinson’s NSW, we are extending our NSW Fundraising Authority to you.

This means we will work with you to ensure your fundraising activity meets the same legal and regulatory requirements as Parkinson’s NSW. These requirements include fundraising laws, taxation laws and privacy regulations.

If your Support Group is considering any form of fundraising, you must get in touch with us before you start. Contact Fiona Jessiman, Fundraising Manager