How to Fit Regular Exercise into Your Day

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26th May 2020
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How to Fit Regular Exercise into Your Day

How to Fit Regular Exercise into Your Day

We all seem to busier than we’ve ever been before and fitting exercise into your day can be hard – especially now there are voluntary isolation and social distancing requirements to meet.

However, if you have Parkinson’s you need to find time. So you need to get creative!

Park the car a few blocks further away and walk to your destination. Take the stairs instead of the lift or do a couple of laps around the oval or park. It all counts, and a little bit here and there soon adds up.

“One of the best forms of exercise is walking”

By stepping out your front door and pounding the pavement you can improve your functional mobility, strengthen your cardiorespiratory and vascular systems – and it is fabulous for your mental health too.

All it takes to change your body and your life is 30-minute walk five days a week.

By including walking in your daily routine, you can lower your blood pressure along with the risk of heart disease and diabetes while improving your mood, energy and weight loss.

Team up with a friend or family member and walk together. Remember to practice social distancing while you’re exercising and work out with only one other person.

You’ll be improving your Parkinson’s and building a stronger relationship at the same time.

If you already walk regularly you will need to challenge yourself to keep on top of those Parkinson’s symptoms, particularly now that we have so many restrictions on our usual activities.

You could try using some of your walking time doing a different activity that your body hasn’t already adapted too. Something like dancing or boxing.

Try Nordic Pole Walking, or just increase your distance and walking pace. Then you can plan your walk for a favourite holiday destination in the future knowing you are fit enough to make it!

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