Gifts that help people living with Parkinson’s

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22nd November 2022
A little help from you goes a long way this Christmas
25th November 2022

Gifts that help people living with Parkinson’s

Gifts that help people living with Parkinson’s

Generous Parkinson’s NSW donors often ask what their donated funds will be spent on.

Well this Christmas, the choice will be yours – and you can donate as a Christmas gift on behalf of one of your friends or family members.

The new Parkinson’s NSW Virtual Christmas Gift Store allows you to choose exactly what you would like your donation to be spent on – and for whom.

Perhaps something as basic (but important) as an information kit to be sent out by our 1800 HealthLine? Or you could choose to underwrite an education seminar, a nurse’s visit, or some other Parkinson’s support activity.

There is a wide range of choices at an equally wide range of prices – the choice will be yours.

And when you give, a Christmas card will automatically be generated and emailed to the person for whom you donated.

It’s Christmas giving with practical and social value. Christmas shopping solved!