Board update

 Board leadership changes

David Veness has been President of the Parkinson’s NSW Board of Directors for three years and during this time has made significant contributions by sharing his lived experience with Parkinson’s during Board discussions and decision-making.

David has now stepped into the Vice President position of the Board to enable him to focus more on the Chair position he holds on The Parkinson’s NSW Trust Board and his advocacy work for Parkinson’s NSW.

As a result, Board Member Margaret Scott has been voted into the position of President of the Board.

This transition frees David to focus more strongly on his passion and area of expertise – advocating for more Parkinson’s Specialist Nurses in NSW. He also remains a staunch advocate for Support Groups and Members in country areas of the state (he and his wife are long-time residents of Bathurst).

“I am very proud of our achievements over the past three years during my time as President – especially with the placement of Parkinson’s Specialist Nurses. And I will continue to represent the needs of people living with Parkinson’s in country areas of NSW,” said David.

During his time as President of the Board, David was instrumental in securing three Nurse positions and worked closely with key partners on Parkinson’s-focused projects and pilot programs.

If you would like to ask any questions about this change in Board leadership, email or phone (02) 8051 1900 for referral to the most appropriate person to answer your query.

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