World Parkinson’s Day 2023

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Every conversation builds our story and develops more awareness of Parkinson’s disease.

Every conversation counts for our community.

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Australians will hear that they have Parkinson’s this month.
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The number of people in Australia currently living with Parkinson’s
The number of expected world wide cases of Parkinson’s by 2040

Tuesday  11 April is World Parkinson’s Day – part of World Parkinson’s Awareness Month. When the world comes together to shine a light on Parkinson’s, a progressive, degenerative condition of the central nervous system.

World Parkinson’s Day provides Australians with opportunities to learn more about the issues facing people living with Parkinson’s in our communities every day – and how lives can be improved, particularly through exercise, participation in Support Groups, and community activities that provide social opportunities to reduce isolation.

We are stronger together, so during this month have as many conversations as you can about Parkinson’s … what it is and what it does to individuals … caregivers…and families.

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