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Vetting project assures quality of services

Vetting project assures quality of services

Parkinson’s NSW recently concluded an intensive three-month project that involved vetting all of its recommended external service providers – including neurologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and dietitians.

“Parkinson’s NSW is committed to ensuring quality outcomes for all people impacted by Parkinson’s,” said Christine McGee, Parkinson’s NSW Education Coordinator and leader of the vetting project.

“By vetting service providers, we are managing and mitigating risks to anyone interacting with Parkinson’s NSW and the outside service providers we recommend to people.

“This focus on quality and risk management is critical to the Mission of our organisation; that is to enhance the quality of life of people affected by Parkinson’s, while working towards a cure,” she said.

The project commenced in July 2020, and initially consolidated and vetted the separate lists of service providers held by various Parkinson’s NSW staff members.

The organisation’s Quality Team members and Parkinson’s Registered Nurses then further developed the list by recommending experienced providers for the Register.

There are now 127 fully vetted Primary and Allied Health service providers on the Register, with more than 100 others still going through the intensive vetting process.

The process includes gathering documentation to verify service providers’ current professional registration, indemnity insurance, possession of a valid police check, and number of years of experience in working with people who are living with Parkinson’s.

The Register of Vetted Service Providers is now the only list Parkinson’s NSW staff will refer to when connecting people living with Parkinson’s and their caregivers with external services and support.