Unity Walk in the Park 2018

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26th May 2020

Unity Walk in the Park 2018

Unity Walk in the Park 2018

Thank you for supporting the 2018 Unity Walk in the Park… all 1,300 of you

More than 1,300 people joined the 2018 Unity Walk in the Park for Parkinson’s NSW. They strolled, rolled and walked in Sydney and Wollongong – and more than half a dozen regional towns – to support this annual fundraising initiative for Parkinson’s NSW.

All funds raised go towards vital research and services for people affected by Parkinson’s. No cure has yet been found, but advances are being made on improving the lives of people living with this progressive disease.

More than 13,500 new cases will be diagnosed in 2018 and Parkinson’s is more prevalent than many common cancers.

Who participated in the 2018 Unity Walk in the park? 

Walkers included people living with Parkinson’s, as well as carers, family members, friends, and colleagues. It was a community effort, and there were lots of kids enjoying the day – including many who were walking with multiple generations of their families.

There were also pets, lots of pets – especially dogs.

Why? Because studies link pet ownership with encouraging more exercise by people living with Parkinson’s. Exercise is second only to medication in terms of effectiveness in treating Parkinson’s. Interacting with pets also helps to calm anxiety and reduce symptoms of depression.

Why did they walk? 

It was all about coming together to show support for loved ones and to remember those touched by Parkinson’s.

Over the past decade this event has involved more than 15,000 walkers who raised over $1,000,000.

Growing demand means more donations required

We are thankful for the success of the annual Walk in the Park as a fundraiser. However, the demand for services continues to grow. That means fundraising activities must continue throughout every year.

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