The new Parkinson’s Passport

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5th April 2022
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5th April 2022

The new Parkinson’s Passport

The new Parkinson’s Passport

One of the biggest contributing factors for people not having their medications on time in Emergency or upon admission to hospital is that people present without their medications or an up-to-date list of them.

The Parkinson’s Passport addresses this issue. It is a single page A4 document that folds down to a convenient pocket size – yet holds all the information you may need to communicate to medical staff.

If you present at hospital with your Parkinson’s Passport and your Webster-pak® (including the list of medications that comes tucked into the back of the box), it will ensure that you receive your correct medications on time, every time.

The Parkinson’s Passport can be downloaded from the Parkinson’s NSW web site

Just write in the required information for your:

  • Medical practitioner contacts
  • Emergency contact
  • Enduring Guardian contact and location of form OR location of Advance Care Directive form

This information, plus the guidance already printed on the Passport for medical staff and the information in your Webster-pak® will be all you need.

We suggest you keep your completed Parkinson’s Passport under a magnet on your fridge door, so you won’t forget it on the way out.