Team Lee getting ready for Unity Walk in the Park

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26th May 2020

Team Lee getting ready for Unity Walk in the Park

Team Lee getting ready for Unity Walk in the Park

Karen Lee is just one of the proud 6 children of Bob and Rhonda Lee. Together they have embraced Bob aged 77 and his diagnosis of Parkinson’s with the typical love, togetherness and determination of a large family. Along with Bob’s 8 grandkids, there will be a number of family walking in the Unity Walk for Parkinson’s this year on August, 26th 2018 just like there was last year.

It was only 12 months ago that Bob was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Formerly a speedway driver and mechanic who worked on crank shafts for performance cars, Bob was continuously on his feet all day, so it came as a huge shock to him to find out that he had Parkinson’s.

This year it may be a little difficult to get around the course for Unity Walk, Bob’s wife Rhonda has just had a hip replacement and Bob is now having difficulty walking, so Karen and her amazing siblings will be pushing Bob and Rhonda in wheelchairs this year. They are determined to make them a part of the team. In fact last year they all had t.shirts printed with ‘team Lee’ on them. And it didn’t stop with t.shirts, there were hats and other memorabilia too. In fact, Bob still proudly wears his t.shirt regularly.

Bob’s symptoms of Parkinson’s are typical, he has a glassy stare, tremors, vagueness, loss of words, memory loss and he shuffles when he walks. But we know that anyone diagnosed with Parkinson’s can have different symptoms and different progression. That’s why it’s so important that we continue to raise funds and continue our research into Parkinson’s.

Last year, Karen organized on Bob’s behalf over 20 members of their family and friends to join in the walk. They raised over $800. They are aiming for even more this year. Their wish? To help Parkinson’s NSW and help fund more treatments.

Join us at Unity Walk in the Park 2018