So what are your plans for the holidays?

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12th December 2022
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12th December 2022

So what are your plans for the holidays?

So what are your plans for the holidays?

So what are your plans for the holidays?

We’re getting towards the end of the year, when thoughts turn to family reunions, holidays, and celebrations. In keeping with the spirit of the season we asked a cross section of Support Group participants what their plans are for the holidays.

Lois and Graham, Tumbarumba Support Group

“Our Support Group had its Christmas party a few weeks ago. It was lunch at a local hotel and it was great! Karen, our event organiser, put bon bons and chocolates on the table and everyone had a very pleasant time.

“We plan to travel to Sydney then to Kiama to visit our kids and grandkids. Plans are still to be confirmed, but likely a nice lunch together somewhere!”

Melissa, Castle Hill Support Group

“I’ll be spending lots of time with my pets. I have two weeks off work so our family plans to head up to the Mid North Coast. Apart from me and my husband we’ll be taking two dogs and our three daughters.

“We will attend church on Christmas morning, then have a family Secret Santa gift-giving. We pull names out of a hat and buy the person we have selected a meaningful gift on a predetermined budget.

“Over the Christmas table with the extended family we have another Secret Santa. But these are silly, cheaper gifts and usually we end up with people swapping, stealing, throwing gifts, or tackling each other!”

Di, Lismore Support Group

“We are taking a family trip to Cairns a little early for Christmas. There we will put presents for our 5- and 8-year-old grandchildren under the tree which they have already decorated. We’ll then have a special celebration with them.

“We shall return in time for our Support Group Christmas lunch and after that we are planning a quiet and relaxed Christmas. Maybe we will have a few people over for a no-fuss meal or two. It will be very low key!”

Kristin, Speech Pathologist, Eastern Suburbs Young Onset Support Group

“Our Group had their Christmas get together at a local pub last week.

“My own plans are to visit extended family in Adelaide for Christmas, then depart on a holiday to Italy and Finland.”

Vivienne, Nepean Blue Mountains Support Group

“Our Support Group will have a Christmas lunch on 15 December. We anticipate more than 30 will attend. The ladies usually wear something Christmassy and there will be two lucky door prizes. We are very fortunate to have a happy group which is very social and supportive.

“We will spend Christmas Eve together as a family. We have a tradition of adults doing Secret Santa while kids each receive a Santa sack under the tree that gets filled.

“The kids have a swim and play, then open presents before sitting down for a meal in the afternoon.

“All contribute to the meal: My daughter’s husband has a special potato bake recipe, which accompanies the ham, chicken, bread rolls, and salads, then fruit for dessert. My daughter also makes a trifle ‘to die for’ and there will be jelly and Freddo Frogs for the kids.”