People with Pakinson’s disease, their carers, family and supporters can access a Parkinson’s NSW Specialist Counsellor by ringing 1 800 644 189 (toll free) for an appointment. Counselling is available over the phone, or in person in metropolitan Sydney. This is a free service provided by Parkinson’s NSW. Our Specialist Counsellors are skilled in a whole range of issues surrounding Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

How can a counsellor help?

Counselling is tailored to meet the individuals’ needs and goals, and may cover topics such as:

  • Information and support around a PD diagnosis
  • Coping strategies to deal with the impacts of PD -physical and emotional
  • Worries about employment or driving
  • Carer stress or concerns
  • Changes to mood, thinking or physical abilities
  • Disclosing to others or dealing with others’ reactions
  • Dealing with changes to work roles, relationships, and usual activities/interests
  • Treating apathy, depression or anxiety
  • Maintaining your sense of self
  • Encouraging an active role in your own treatment and self management

…and many more issues or topics that people may present with associated with PD