Podcasts for people living with Parkinson’s

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20th September 2022
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Podcasts for people living with Parkinson’s

Podcasts for people living with Parkinson’s

All podcasts have one thing in common: you can listen to them no matter what’s going on around you and almost anywhere.

Whether you’re looking for a beginner’s guide to Parkinson’s or expert insights on a range of symptoms, find out what these five podcasts have to offer

2 Parkies in a Pod

Sports journalist and broadcaster Dave Clarke partners with his friend Dave Kuhan to discuss the ins and outs of Parkinson’s, drawing on their twenty collective years of living with the condition. Including a host of guests throughout the series, episode one offers a ‘beginner’s guide’ to living well with Parkinson’s – with the aim of helping listeners understand what to expect.

You, Me and PD

Born from the relationship between technology professional Jeremy Likness, who was diagnosed with young onset Parkinson’s in 2020, and his caregiver and wife Doreen – You, Me and PD is a conversational podcast which looks at their shared approach to Parkinson’s. Topics include nutritionexercise, faith and coping with grief.

The Parkinson’s Experience podcast

Sheryl Lowenhar, who lives with Parkinson’s, talks about her personal experiences in this podcast. Sharing the ‘viewpoint of a patient’, she explores an array of topics including mental healthtravel, therapies for people with Parkinson’s and research developments into areas like gene therapy.

On Time

Co-hosted by Brian Grant – former NBA player and founder of the Brian Grant foundation – and writer and Parkinson’s advocate Heather Kennedy, this podcast offers a candid look at daily life with the condition including perspectives on parenting, dating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The Parkinson’s Life podcast

Would this roundup be complete without mentioning our very own Parkinson’s Life podcast? Aiming to offer a voice to people living with the condition, the podcast brings together patients and experts from around the world to discuss diverse issues – from the research gap around women and Parkinson’s to the challenges related to impulsive behaviours. Explore all the episodes.

For more information, make a free call to the Parkinson’s NSW HealthLine on 1800 644 189
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Source: Parkinson’s Life