Online meetings for support groups

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2nd April 2021
My [Parkinson’s] Life – Helen Tan
2nd April 2021

Online meetings for support groups

Online meetings for support groups

Please refer to this page frequently for new topics and session dates with links to join.

Important information about the online sessions:

  • Please log in to the meeting 5-10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
  • To ensure meetings run smoothly, entry into the meeting cannot be granted if joining more than 10 minutes after the meeting start time.
  • Parkinson’s NSW online meetings are recorded for the benefit of those participating in the meeting and those unable to attend, with whom all recordings will be shared. By entering any Parkinson’s NSW online meeting, you are consenting to being recorded.
  • After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Young Onset Online Support Group: Diet and Nutrition
Wednesday, 17 May
Guest speaker: Vicky Weng, Senior Community Dietition
Registration link:–rqz4pH9WPZMonApM2AdNcxLrbRRB2
Who is this for: For anyone under the age of 60 yrs diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

Device Assisted Therapies: Apomorphine
Thursday, 1 June
10.30am – 11.30am
Guest Speaker: Simone West, Apomine Nurse Support Service
Apomorphine belongs to a group of medicines called dopaminergic compounds. Apomorphine is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease to reduce the number and severity of bouts of
freezing and stiffness (or “off” periods). This medicine works by acting on dopamine receptors. These receptors help control movement by the body.
Registration link:
Who is this for: Anyone wanting more information about device assisted therapies for Parkinson’s – pre or post advanced therapy treatment

Let’s Talk Parkinson’s: Vision
Wednesday, 14 June
10.30am – 11.30am
Guest speaker: Rachael Mackinnon, Clinical Lead and Parkinson’s Nurse
Registration link:
One of the cardinal symptoms of Parkinson’s is bradykinesia (slowness of movement) and this is linked with several
changes in vision:
• Blurred or double vision
• Dry eyes
• Reduced eye blink rate

Young Onset Online Support Group: Relationships and Parkinson’s
Thursday, 22 June
12pm – 1pm
Guest speaker: Parkinson’s NSW Counsellor, Viviem Luo
Registration link:

Let’s Talk Parkinson’s: Speech
Wednesday, 19 July
10.30am – 11.30am
Guest speaker: Rachael Fischer, Speech Pathologist
Registration link:
Parkinson’s may affect the volume, tone, rhythm and speed of speech. People living with Parkinson’s will often speak very softly and express less emotion.
Measurements show their voices may be as much as 10 decibels lower in volume.