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Tips on travelling

Many of us travel over the Christmas/New Year season. For people living with Parkinson’s the prospect of travelling can be daunting enough to stop them from catching up with family […]

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Combating loneliness at Christmas

Many people don’t feel like celebrating over the Festive Season, particularly if they’re spending it alone.  In 2018 Red Cross conducted a survey that found approximately one in three people […]

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Support Group Round-up October

By Stacey Foster, Support Group Coordinator Anytime I can visit with a Support Group or SGL either online or in person, I am happy! Thank you for having me, I […]

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Graham and his assistance dog Archer

My [Parkinson's] Life Update: Graham Saxby and his assistance dog Archer Just over three years ago Graham Saxby shared his life story with the Parkinson’s NSW team. His story included […]

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Women with Parkinson’s

“Finding information about being a woman with Parkinson’s was challenging” By Kathleen Reardon I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2002. I’d noticed something not quite right at the age of […]

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Addressing thinking changes in Parkinson’s

Parkinson’s disease changes the brain, which can impact the whole body. While slowed movement and stiffness are among the more familiar PD symptoms, Parkinson’s can also affect cognition – the way someone thinks, how they learn, […]

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Moving safely around at home

At home there are many things you can do to ensure safety if you experience postural instability. Entry Make sure the path or entrance to your front door is clear […]

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Nutritious meals

How to plan nutritious easy-to-chew meals Parkinson’s disease can slow the normal swallowing movement of the throat (peristalsis). This condition is called dysphagia and can lead to choking, or the […]

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Detecting Parkinson’s by smell

Woman who smelled Parkinson’s on husband helps scientists By Elizabeth Quigley BBC Scotland news A Scottish woman who found she could detect Parkinson's through smell has inspired scientists to develop […]

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Are we facing a Parkinson’s pandemic

Historically, Parkinson’s was rare. In 1855, for instance, just 22 people living in the United Kingdom died with Parkinson’s disease. Today, in the United States, the National Institutes of Health […]

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My [Parkinson’s] Life – Michael Costello

 Having Parkinson’s is just one aspect of a person’s life story. We want to share more stories of the varied lives of people currently living with Parkinson’s. Michael Costello was […]

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The challenges of Young Onset Parkinson’s

What are the main differences between Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease and someone who has typical, Late Onset Parkinson’s disease? Why does this subclass of disease exist in younger people, relative […]

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