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Never let Parkinson’s deter you!

Never let Parkinson’s deter you!

By Sandra Elms

Sandra abseiling

Covid-19 has restricted our movement and activities, so when the opportunity came to visit the Blue Mountains where one of my sons lives, I quickly took it.

I was only there for a couple of days but as always, they were action-packed days.

The first day we did the walk from Blackheath to the Grand Canyon – quite challenging for someone with Parkinson’s as there are lots of steps down and steps to climb out.

The second day involved going abseiling with my son, his friend and 5 children. After watching the children abseiling down a cliff face, I thought I would attempt it as well – even with Parkinson’s.

Verdict: Quite scary as you walk off the edge of the cliff but elation when you get to the bottom.

Never let Parkinson’s deter you!