Colin is a beacon of hope

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26th May 2020

Colin is a beacon of hope

Colin is a beacon of hope

Colin Woodcroft was a young man of only 50 years old when he found out that he had Parkinson’s. Like many others, he wasn’t expecting that diagnosis. He had no idea it was coming and for some time, it blindsided him.

His only symptoms at the time were a sore neck and shoulder and a very slight change in balance. It wasn’t until he got to see a Neurologist after a long line of Drs. appointments that a very small tremor was noticed. His diagnosis was devastating.

Now, 13 years later, he is fit, happy and healthy with a motto that is inspiring “exercise, be positive and have a great back up team”. And most importantly “You’ve just got to keep going”. These words have been Colin’s words to live by. And he has certainly done that. Colin works out at the gym 6 days a week, does specialised PD Fit classes at a local physiotherapist and additionally walks 3 times a week.

Last year, Colin and his son, Michael ran the Unity Walk in Wollongong. Colin was the first Parkinson’s runner to cross the line. Colin’s team of 30 people raised over $4000 yet it was Colin who was lucky enough to win the $200 raffle draw which was a trip to Fiji!

But Colin’s run last year wasn’t his first. He has been involving his family since the early days and first entered the Homebush Walk, however the Wollongong walk is now closer to home.

Colin has been a beacon of hope and education to others with his Parkinson’s. Since diagnosis he has given talks in Kiama library and Wollongong hospital attended by various allied health professionals. Additionally, he has also written several books on his journey with Parkinson’s.

Together with his three children and wife Mali, Colin is determined to stay positive and you can too. Put your own Unity Walk team together today and make a difference in the lives of others.

Join us at the 2018 Unity Walk in the Park