No-one has to face Parkinson’s alone

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This year, as COVID-19 was devastating the globe, Will and Lisa’s own world was falling apart.

Will and Lisa – ‘we’ve come a long way’

High school teacher Will had always been a keen reader with a lively mind, but he was ‘slowing down’. His thoughts were wandering. He was losing his way in conversations and words were hard to find.

Desperate to know the cause of these disturbing and mysterious changes, Will and Lisa headed in to see a neurologist in February. As they were told “it’s Parkinson’s”,  Will felt numb yet convinced he was hearing his death sentence. Lisa remembers being “a blithering mess”.

None of us ever dreamed we’d see a year as difficult as this, but for the 13,000 Australians like Will who were also adjusting to a new Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2020, the shock and uncertainty has been unbearable. The good news is that with your help they won’t be alone.

Your kind support for Parkinson’s NSW helps us keep our promise to people living with Parkinson’s and their loved ones that we’re “in this together”.

In this season of connection and family, your generous gift can stop Will, Lisa and many others feeling they have to face an unknown future alone. 

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