Carers Tips – Physical Assistance

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2nd November 2021
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3rd November 2021

Carers Tips – Physical Assistance

Carers Tips – Physical Assistance

Looking after yourself physically as a carer is as important as caring for the person with Parkinson’s.  A carer who is injured can’t effectively care for anyone.

Following are some helpful tips for when you need to physically assist someone and don’t have any specialised equipment.

Helping Someone Stand

  • Make sure the person is wearing shoes or non-skid socks, otherwise their feet may slide.
  • Ask them to move to the front of the chair and place their feet directly under them.
  • Block their knees with your knees to help them keep their legs under them.
  • Place your arms around their waist.
  • Instruct the person to put their hands on the arms of the chair (never around your neck).
  • Ask the person to lean forward so their nose is directly over their toes.
  • Tell them to push off with their hands when you are both ready.
  • Count to three, and then provide any additional support the individual needs to stand.

Helping Someone Walk

  • If the individual needs only minimal assistance to walk, ask them to take you by the arm.
  • If they need more assistance, walk behind them; place one hand on their shoulder and the other on their belt or waistband. Stand close and walk in step behind.
  • Do not attempt to do all the work yourself. Ask the person to do as much as they possibly can.

With care and practice, you can help someone rise to a standing position and walk safely with minimal risk to yourself.