50 – 50 Raffle

Thank you for your support of our 50 50 raffle
CONGRATULATIONS to the winner 

The winner of our 50-50 raffle game 13 (drawn 2 June 2023) had ticket number PNSW-13058

The winner receives $1,250 cash with the same amount going to Parkinson’s NSW.

Thank you to everyone for your generous support of our 50-50 fundraising initiative.

Here’s how it works:
• Limited to 1,000 tickets available at $10 each (1 in 1,000 chance of winning $5,000*)
• Proceeds from ticket sales go into the ‘Pot’
• The maximum potential total ‘Pot’ is $10,,000*
• The winner splits the final total ‘Pot’ 50/50 with Parkinson’s NSW – that is half to the winner and half to Parkinson’s NSW
• Raffle closes 11 am Friday, 18 March, 2021 (or when tickets are sold out)

* Maximum the potential prize if all tickets are sold