IncluDe a Charity Week 2016

Did you know that a gift left in your Will leaves a lasting legacy?

To learn more about Include a Charity Week 2016, please visit Include A Charity. (Video source)

About Your Bequest

Bequests can make a positive difference in many possible ways, all very important to the Parkinson’s community:

  • Underwriting support services provided by Parkinson’s NSW
  • Providing training for doctors, nurses and specialists in Parkinson’s disease
  • Supporting vital research into possible cures, treatment methods

To carry out its vital work Parkinsons NSW is reliant on contributions from the community; bequests make up a significant part of these contributions. After carefully considering your family and friends in your Will, making a bequest to Parkinsons NSW ensures that you will be well remembered and leave a lasting gift which will continue to make a difference well into the future.

Many members, their partners and friends make bequests which range from modest sums up to six or even seven figure amounts. A bequest can be for a specific amount of money, valuable items, or a designated fraction of an estate. If you are considering leaving a bequest in your will, the correct wording can be obtained by using the following form or contacting Parkinson’s NSW.

Notifying Us About Your Bequest

Communicate your wishes to your loved ones and please consider telling us about your bequest. Notifying us does not alter your right to change or update your wishes if circumstances change but it does help us plan for the future.

We’re here to help with any questions you have on the very personal decision to leave a gift in your will; please contact 1800 644 189 and ask for Melanie, our Community Relations, or email

Suggested wording for wills