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Parkinson’s can turn your life upside down … but there’s hope

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Hello, my name is Andrea and my husband Martin has Parkinson’s. Here’s what I want you to know about our life.

Shock and Sadness. That’s how you feel when someone you love is told ‘It’s Parkinson’s’.

My first thoughts were for our two sons. How would they take it? When it was clear we wouldn’t realise our retirement dreams, sadness took over.

I’ll admit being a carer is tough. Martin can’t help me around the house like he used to. Our sons help a great deal, but they have their own lives. I try not to burden them.

But our biggest worry was the cost of all the recommended treatments. Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Massage, Podiatry….the list goes on. We weren’t sure how we could pay for it. 

That’s when Parkinson’s NSW told us treatment

funding might be available from the government. We weren’t even aware we were entitled to support! And the process was so complicated it seemed overwhelming.

Thankfully, we spoke to Margi from the Parkinson’s NSW Connect Team. She guided us through it all!
We can now afford all the therapies recommended for Martin to live well. It’s an incredible safety net. I can see a difference in Martin when he’s had a massage or physio.

I’m starting to feel positive about our future again

Your gift now would ensure people like Margi are just a phone call away for those of us that need it.

When you give to Parkinson’s NSW, it’s truly the gift of hope for families like ours.

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