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  • Have a BBQ or morning tea
  • Dinner party
  • Information stand in a shopping centre

Encourage your family, friends, local community or co-workers to unite with you and raise awareness about Parkinson’s

If you’d like to fundraise, head on over to the official fundraising website where you can create your very own page.

Its one of the simplest way to raise awareness and gather support from family and friends. Every donation made is recorded on your fundraising page along with messages of support.

Thank your donors for their support – download the Thank You certificate and personalise

If you’re holding an event, download your printable invitation and handout or download the official Facebook profile picture.

Anyone who donates to your fundraising page will automatically receive a tax deductible receipt directly to their email.

Its easy to get started – click the button below to start fundraising for World Parkinson’s Day or fill in the below form and we can get in touch.

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Help us spread the word and raise awareness for Parkinson’s

  • Put up some posters
  • Pass on the World Parkinson’s Day Baton Flyers

Let us know what you need and we’ll get them straight to you!

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Take the Quiz

During the month of April, we invite everyone to test their knowledge of Parkinson’s with a fun online quiz.

Test your Parkinson’s knowledge and maybe learn something new.

And don’t forget to share with your friends to spread awareness of Parkinson’s







Download your digital resources


If you really want to make a difference, we need your help to champion the message in your workplace and community.
We encourage you to use these resources to spread the word far and wide

Unite in true fashion
Parkinson’s NSW merchandise can add a splash of  magenta to your event and reinforce the message this World Parkinson’s Day.
Purchase polo shirts, wristbands, caps and more.