Fund Nurses

More people need a caring expert by their side

Please support more Parkinson’s Nurses

Currently Parkinson’s NSW supports Parkinson’s nurses in three locations who assist more than 1,240 people. Our goal is for two more nurses to be recruited as soon
as possible. But a shortfall in funding is stopping us from moving forward.

Your donation would help close the funding gap and bring nurses to regional areas in NSW where people urgently need their help.

The support of a parkinson’s nurse is a lifeline for carers and families too

With neurologists located too far away for some people to ever access them, Parkinson’s
nurses like Rachael are a local and reliable point of contact for Parkinson’s treatment and care. Their practical advice on everything from lifestyle changes to medication adjustments can reduce people’s symptoms, so they feel well for longer.

With a Parkinson’s nurse to reach out to, people have the moral support of a friendly guide
who cares, and can actively assist with their daily struggles. Nurses also have the expert knowledge and networks to work with other health professionals and lead people through the healthcare maze that comes with this chronic condition.

Studies show this advocacy can help keep people out of hospital, so they avoid the stress and disruption of time away from home and their familiar routines.

We’re in this together

That’s our promise to people living with Parkinson’s. But we can’t keep this promise without you. Please join us to make sure people aren’t left to fight alone by donating to help put a nurse in their lives. It’s just not fair that so many are still forced to manage without this support when it is available, and utterly life changing.

Your gift towards Parkinson’s nurses would ease people’s fear and doubts, giving them
some feeling of calm in the turmoil, and the confidence they’re not walking their difficult road

I hope you’ll help if this is important to you too.

Donate for more Parkinson’s Nurses 

Yours sincerely,

Jo-Anne Reeves
Chief Executive Officer