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Support for Parkinson’s community in State Budget

On 22 June it was announced that the NSW State Budget includes an $8.6 million package to support people living with movement disorders – including Parkinson’s.

The funding will start with $1.8 million in 2021-22 with the full amount being spent over four years.

The package will fund 15 specialist nurses and Allied Health staff across NSW to improve access to treatments and quality of life for people with movement disorders – particularly in regional and rural areas.

It also includes $650,000 in funding for Parkinson’s NSW for information, education, and service delivery.

We will use this funding for:

  • Increased services delivered via the Parkinson’s NSW InfoLine
  • Education seminars and online learning for consumers, GPs, Allied Health professionals and Aged Care nurses and support workers
  • Capacity-building support for Parkinson’s NSW Support Groups across the state
  • Research and evaluation of service delivery

Parkinson’s NSW will negotiate with the Treasurer and the Minister for Health on the specific model to be used and priority of placement of the specialist nurses and Allied Health staff.

This exciting outcome is the result of four years of advocacy and profile raising around the work of Parkinson’s NSW.

In particular, Board President Margaret Scott acknowledged that the foundations of this success were laid by Vice President David Veness who has campaigned tirelessly for the placement of more Parkinson’s Specialist Nurses.

She also thanked CEO Jo-Anne Reeves who spearheads the organisation’s ongoing advocacy initiatives – including the May Parliamentary reception where she very effectively raised the profile of Parkinson’s NSW at a critical point in the State Budget planning cycle.

John Watkins, former Deputy Premier of NSW, who is living with Parkinson’s, also spoke eloquently at the reception about the many challenges of this disease. His passionate speech had a decisive impact on the audience of Ministers, MPs, and their staff members.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please call Mirelle Brockett on 8051 1900 or email