Parkinson’s Symposium in the Northern Rivers Sept 2016

“MoveIt4Parkinsons’ held a symposium in the Northern Rivers on the 17th September 2016 which was aimed at local GP’s and Allied Health Care Workers to bring more understanding and awareness of Parkinson’s. The seminar aimed to:

  1. Identify the complexity of presentations of Parkinson’s Disease in general practice
  2. Understand the value of utilising physical therapies in Parkinson’s Disease
  3. Utilise referral pathways for the safe and effective management of  Parkinson’s Disease patients
  4. Utilise rehabilitation pathways to increase the safety of  Parkinson’s Disease patients in the home

The presenters were:

  • Prof Simon Lewis, Brain & Mind Institute  – spoke about the latest research and medication routines.
  • Carmelle Moore, Local Speech Pathologist- gave practical advice on how to manage voice control, swallowing and the importance of  vocal exercises
  • Adrian Unger , Punchin Parko’s (Sydney) – who spoke about the Punchin Parkos Boxing exercise program that he facilitates and as a PD sufferer himself , how it has helped him.
  • Melissa McConaghy, PD Warrior – Discussed the very effective exercise therapy within PD Warrior. She also spoke about why it’s so successful and the latest research showing how and why it helps  people living with PD .
  • Erica Rose, Dancing for Parkinson’s Australia – unable to attend personally but sent a digitally recorded presentation .
  • Dr Bob Lodge, Clinical Specialist from Bangalow – spoke about his own 50-50 Rule – The importance of Exercise as well as  medication for People Living with PD.

By continuing to bring awareness and education about PD to the local medical profession we hope that this will lead to increased funding and support from government and other agencies to help our people living with Parkinson’s