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Parkinson’s NSW develops online education for Aged Care

Parkinson’s NSW develops online education for Aged Care

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Parkinson’s NSW developed a self-guided, online education module for Aged Care support workers.

Previously this education had been delivered face-to-face in order to help Aged Care workers understand the complexities of supporting residents with Parkinson’s and the importance of administering medications on time, every time.

Following testing, the first commercial use of the education module took place on 19 February at the Regis Ports Stephens Aged Care Facility.

Two sessions were held to accommodate 32 care staff who participated online while socially distanced. The education was organised by Regis Clinical Manager Sarah Stewart, who also participated.

She later commented that Registered Nurses working in Aged Care would benefit from the training as well.

Feedback from participants was positive. For example:

  • Physiotherapist

“Fantastic and helpful. Very relevant. Planning to implement specific Parkinson’s exercise classes.”

  • Assistant in Nursing

“I have improved my understanding of Parkinson’s and how to support Parkinson’s patients – particularly their need to have their medication on time. Also, the need to involve people in socialisation in order to help improve their anxiety.”