Help us give people answers

When you’re told you or someone you love has Parkinson’s first there’s shock, then the questions.

Julie takes enquiries from people with Parkinson’s and their families as one of the wonderful nurses on our InfoLine 1800 644 189.  She says it’s a privilege to help them.

“We fill a gap – this is really the only way people can get accurate information and answers, and we’re just a phone call away, between 9am to 5pm, every weekday,” says Julie. “We get lots of people saying the information they received was so valuable. It’s satisfying to know you’ve helped someone.”

Julie listens to concerns, offers advice, sends information packs and steers people towards local support such as exercise programs and speech therapy. “People can be upset, frightened. We don’t make light of it – yes, Parkinson’s is a terrible diagnosis to be hit with, but it’s not the end of the world, things can be done, positive things. If someone is devastated and distressed, normally by the end of the conversation with us, they’re not as frightened. They feel more on top of things.”

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