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In addition to the events listed on our Calendar a number of Parkinson’s associations also hold events. For more information their contact information is listed below.

Parkinson’s education series

View the full list on our calendar or contact 1800 644 189 for more information


Dance for Parkinson’s

Parkinson's Education

Parkinson’s NSW is committed to keeping you informed and as such offer the Parkinson’s Education Seminar roadshow throughout New South Wales.
The education seminars are suitable for people affected by Parkinson’s, their families and carers, medical professionals, care workers and anyone wanting more information about PD.

The education seminar series provides updates and discussions from local neurologists, exercise physiologists, neurological nurses, exercise groups, GP’s, geriatricians, finance advice and guidance and many more professionals.

View the full list on our calendar or follow the Parkinson’s NSW Facebook Page for updates

Contact 1800 644 189 for more information


  • Date: Thursdays
  • Time: 10.00am to 11.30am
  • Location: Turramurra Seniors Centre 1 Gilroy Road Turramurra

Come and join parkinsong!

Singing does you good

It’s fun
It’s therapeutic
It’s sociable
It’s a buzz

Parkinsong meets every Thursday in the Turramurra Seniors Centre, 1 Gilroy Road Turramurra.  Convenient street parking. Drop ins welcome – no formalities.

This choral activity is for people with Parkinson’s, their carers, friends and any members of the local community who enjoy making music and strengthening their voices.

Please call 1800 664 189 for more details.

A fun choir for people with Parkinson’s, their Carers, Friends and Families
Organised By Parkinson’s NSW

Did you know that singing has multiple benefits for people with Parkinson’s?

  • Exercising your voice helps to minimise the common loss of power
  • Breathing to sing improves your fitness and strengthens your lungs
  • Socialising with your peers in a choir helps to ward off depression
  • Getting out and about is good for you generally

Of course, singing in a group is also just great fun. No matter if you have never sung in a group before.