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7 Ways to improve your sleep

7 Ways to improve your sleep

Up to 90 percent of people living with Parkinson’s find it difficult to sleep.

Identifying the root causes of sleep issues is the first step. Disrupted sleep can be due to a number of things such as poor sleep hygiene, the symptoms of Parkinson’s, or medicines for controlling it.

Here are some quick tips on improving your sleep hygiene.

1. Keep to a regular routine – including a regular pattern of meals, exercise, and times of going to bed and getting up. It will help your body clock to get into the habit of sleeping.
2. Get your nutrition right. Regular mealtimes and a well-balanced Mediterranean-type diet have been shown to have therapeutic effects on sleep.
3. Stay hydrated during the day, depending on your body type and needs. Avoid caffeine and alcohol which are stimulants.
4. Exercise on a regular basis – depending on your personal fitness and circumstances.
5. Sleep in a cool, dark room – but have some kind of lighting should you need to get up during the night.
6. Upgrade your sleeping accessories. Good pillows, mattresses and sheets can make the difference between a comfortable and uncomfortable night.
7. Avoid electronics for at least one hour before bed. Computer monitors, smart phones, tablet screens and televisions all produce light on the blue spectrum which mimics daylight.

Source: Parkinson’s Life