Exercise & Wellbeing

PD Fit is a Parkinson’s NSW initiative designed to encourage, educate and motivate people to include exercise as part of their treatment. Doing regular exercise is linked with an improved sense of well being, even across different stages and severity of Parkinson’s.

Exercise is a part of healthy living for everybody, but for people with Parkinson’s, exercise shouldn’t be seen as optional but essential. Research data supports the idea that exercise is beneficial for people living with Parkinson’s.

The growing belief among researchers is that Exercise can benefit in two ways;

  1.  Symptom Management. Exercise can improve gait, balance, tremor, flexibility, strength and coordination.
  2. Possibly slowing disease progression. Practicing movement, improves movement.

Regular exercise has been shown to benefit people with Parkinson’s by:

Prof. Colleen Canning from the University of Sydney always states; “Exercise as well as medicine”.

Parkinson’s NSW does not advocate that you should use exercise alone, rather in conjunction with your prescribed medication. Contact your specialist for more personalized information.